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Clinical Examination Series

Welcome to the JPCH series on clinical examination (aka 'short cases').  We published ten of these in 2015. 
To read them in full, you will need to login via the RACP or your institution.

**NOTE for RACP Exam Candidates*
These guides are not official guides to the RACP short-case.  They are the opinion of one clinician on how to sensibly approach examination of a single system.  

For trainees and Fellows of the RACP you can access the articles in three easy steps:
1. Click here to login to the RACP (this will open in a new window)
2. Once logged in click the link "Member access to the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health".  This will give you full access to the journal.
3. Come back to this page. The links below will now take you to directly to the full-access articles.

Short Cases

Approach to Short Cases